It's more than just a ball
Since 1998 ECC LLC has been the leading manufacturer of hollow plastic balls. Our production is located in the USA, Wilmington North Carolina. The wide range of hollow plastic balls are used for drinking water, waste water, chemical, medical industrial military and commercial airport applications. ECC Bird Balls are used as covers and gas scrubbers. If you would like pricing and calculations of savings you can expect once you add the ECC Ball Covers please send email to or call 910-799-4411 ;case studies outlining these applications and their benefits including references will be emailed to you per your request including calculations on how ECC LLC will save you money.

For many industrial applications, ECC provides not just plastic floating balls, but a solution to a problem. Most of our successful installations have resulted from working closely with customers, sharing our ideas and experience and tailoring a solution to meet their specific requirements.
Our hollow plastic (HDPE) floating balls offer solutions to difficult liquid storage problems

Drinking Water

Not just a ball but a solution to a problem for many Municipal Drinking Water applications, ECC provides not just a ball, but a solution to a problem with our floating plastic ball cover system.

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Gas Fracking Cover

ECC has developed a portable floating plastic ball cover system that can be transported from one drilling site to the next site with very little effort.

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Waste Water

Waterfowl fatalities and process fouling in municipal and industrial ponds can be prevented by covering ponds with a floating ball cover system.

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Hollow Balls

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Mist & Vapor Control

Acid mist generated by electrowinning metals from acidic electrolytes can be dramatically reduced with ECC floating plastic ball cover system.

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