Hollow Shade Balls for Municipalities Drinking Water

ECC Shade Balls for Drinking Water

ECC shade ball covers also known as Shade Balls are providing a way to mitigate bromate formation by blocking sunlight in reservoirs. Less expensive than other remedies, the shade balls do not require extensive construction, parts, labor, or maintenance.

Bromate is a disinfection by-product that forms when three elements – bromide, chlorine and sunlight are present. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for bromated is not to exceed 10 ppb. The ECC shade ball covers have successfully blocked 90% of the sunlight bringing bromate levels in drinking water to significantly below US Government regulations.

The percentage of area covered by the shade balls is independent of the ball diameter, being the ratio of a circle to the hexagon which surrounds it. This equates to 91% of the liquid surface area. The frictional contact points ensure that each floating shade ball remains stable when subjected to increased liquid or air turbulence.