Hollow Ball Covers for Waste Water

ECC Hollow Floating Ball Cover System For Waste Water

Waterfowl fatalities and process fouling in municipal and industrial ponds can be prevented by covering ponds with a Hollow Floating Ball Cover system.

Two main problems associated with birds and waste water are process fouling resulting from increased organic accumulations, and wildlife fatalities from toxic process wastewater.

Wastewater can be potentially deadly to birds and other wildlife if they contain hazardous substances. Typically wastewater is stored in open tanks or ponds, which can attract and potentially kill wildlife.

The Hollow Floating Ball Cover System is a proven and effective wildlife deterrent recognized by organizations such as the “US Fish and Wildlife Service”. The hollow floating ball cover system covers the entire surface of the water, making the pond unattractive to the birds. Other wildlife such as deer do not attempt to walk onto the cover, as the individual balls do not support the animal’s weight.

Applications for Bird Deterrent Cover

  • Industrial Wastewater Ponds
  • Raw water reservoirs
  • Urban storm water Ponds
  • Agricultural wastewater lagoons
  • Lake and swim areas
  • Ice melting/control
  • Ammonia reduction
  • Odor control
  • Process waste water
  • Cooling ponds
  • Evaporation reduction
  • Algae and ice formation prevention
  • Bird control
  • Wastewater treatment cost reduction