Energy Audit Power Management Savings Program (PMSP’s)

ECC offers detailed Energy Audit Power Management Savings Programs (PMSPs), PMSPs were designed specifically for customers with a long term goal of participating in a shared return with little or no capital requirements up front.  ECC prepares a financial evaluation plan for the customer and assists the customer in making well informed decisions regarding energy improvements.

ECC approaches energy management in multiple phases, identifying viable applications and accelerating the initiation of energy savings improvements as soon as they can be deployed.  This allows immediate cost savings to be realized while other phases are being engineered or installed.

Our engineers are dedicated to efficient implementation of our technologies, so that our customers can see immediate power savings.  Please contact us to initiate a Energy Audit Power Savings Management Program that can save you money and energy.

Multi-phased Approach

  1. Evaluation of current overall energy use.
  2. Survey of existing power usage and efficiencies.
  3. In depth analysis of future power requirements.
  4. Presentation of multi-phased approach proposal.
  5. Installation and operation of power savings technologies.


  • Power efficiency regulation
  • Electrical load management
  • Thermal efficiency improvements
  • Geothermal applications


  • Flexible implementation
  • Power sharing agreements
  • Low up front cost financing