Cogeneration & Waste Heat Recovery

Cogeneration offers significant benefits and is energy efficient compared with buying electricity from a utility.  Cogeneration provides environmental benefits as well. With cogeneration, total fuel consumption is less than with separate facilities for power and steam, leading to fewer greenhouse gases being produced.

Cogeneration has been proven to be a sound investment.

ECC offers its customers the ability to capture waste heat already generated and convert it into clean energy.  Waste heat recovery is the process of recovering heat discharged as a byproduct of one process to provide heat needed to produce energy to be used in other processes.

Energy has always been a significant component of commercial and industrial operations, but only rarely has efficient energy use been a priority when developments were planned being planned.  Maximizing energy use and minimizing pollution are more important than ever. Fortunately a careful approach to energy not only adds profits to the bottom line — it also draws positive attention to the environmentally friendly policies of today’s best businesses.

We can identify your energy waste and suggest profitable ways to reduce that waste.  We have a full staff of engineers and designers; we work on all types of commercial and industrial processes and we can help you determine a quick and profitable solution.

If you think an energy-saving/waste heat recovery program might make sense for your company, please contact us and ask about our free Energy Survey and our Power Savings Management Plans.